Region: Támesis, Antioquia
Varietal: Castillo, Colombia
Farm: A community of small farms (Penolero, La Esperanza, La Esmeralda, Brisas, Puerto Arturo, San Roque, Faldita, Recurso)
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1,800 – 2,000 MASL
Flavor Notes: Dark chocolate, Sugar Cane, Orange

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Támesis has traditionally been a coffee town over the decades, however recently the town is seeing the impacts of young generations fleeing the rado watches ceramic black replica countryside for stronger economic prosperity in the cities or even other crops like avocado or citrus fruits. Our partners in Támesis have begun to combat this by creating an association of coffee producers with a focus on https://www.replicawatchesau.com engaging the youth through specialty coffee in order to preserve the coffee tradition. The association, called ASCAFES, is directed by more than 25 small coffee growers that are located in different villages across the municipality of Támesis. Elkin Arcila, the leader of the association, decided to create the association motivated by the tradition of his family who have been coffee growers for 3 generations.

We are big fans of the delicious classic notes found in this coffee.  The deep roots of published here coffee culture in Colombia are so important to the land and we stand by the efforts of the ASCAFES team to engage local youth and get them excited to carry on the tradition.

Our bags are made from eco-friendly materials: 60% compostable / all renewable film layers and degassing valve body.

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12oz, 2.5oz


Whole Bean, Espresso, Chemex, Moka Pot, Automatic Drip, Aeropress, Pour Over, French Press, Cold Brew

  1. Maggie

    Támesis is officially my favorite but I love them all!  I usually meditate in the morning, brew a pot of Támesis, take a moment to sit by my window and enjoy the AMAZING aroma in my cup. Literally, the best part of my day!!

    • Pure Joy Coffee Team

      Thank you for your review, Maggie! Your morning routine sounds like the perfect start to the day! Moments like those are what we envisioned when we started Pure Joy. We could not be happier to be a part of your morning ritual. Cheers!

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    This one is a perfect bean. Not too acidic and full of robust flavor and aroma. I absolutely love Tamesis but hard to say its my favorite as all of this company’s beans are so good.

    • Pure Joy Coffee Team

      Thank you for your review, Daniel! We love Támesis for all the same reasons! But what really gets us excited is hearing from happy customers like you. Cheers!

  3. Alex A. (verified owner)

    I love small batch authentic coffee so when I found Pure Joy I got super excited. I’m thrilled with the coffee quality, beautiful branding and great customer service. More please!

    • Pure Joy Coffee Team

      Thank you for your review, Alex! We are excited you found us too! Premium quality and great service is always on our mind so to hear reviews like yours puts a big smile on our face. Cheers to many more!

  4. Regina (verified owner)

    I can’t determine if Tamesis or Las Brisas is my favorite brew from Pure Joy Coffee. They are both so good and smooth-tasting. I love the hint of the rich dark chocolate flavor of Tamesis. So maybe they are both my favorite. I’ll have to rotate between both until I try another blend from Pure Joy Coffee. Thank you for providing quality coffee.

    • Pure Joy Coffee Team

      Thank you for your feedback, Regina! We are so happy to hear about your experience. Smooth taste and full flavor is what makes Támesis a classic favorite!

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