Iraca Palm Collection
The Iraca palm was once cultivated by pre-Hispanic inhabitants. Today, peasant and indigenous communities use it for food, shelter and thermal insulation in hot climates. It is also utilized as a relevant raw material for handicrafts made by natives in areas of Colombia where the violence of the armed conflict has raged for decades and where illicit crops continue to flourish.

The wide use of Iraca Palm helps create jobs in the manufacturing industry, which indirectly links more than a million people to craft trades.


Coffee Elements Collection
Global coffee consumption is steadily rising and so are the leftover coffee grounds. But where do the coffee grounds end up?
Local artisans are doing some amazing things with the leftover coffee grounds! Laser-etched designs on compressed recycled coffee grounds.
Well, these unique necklaces are made from recycled coffee grounds from selected cafes in Colombia. The grounds are dried and preserved and the material is then compounded and shaped into jewelry.

Pendant: Recycled coffee grounds
Collar: Hindu leather
Weight: 8 gr
Measurements: Pendant = 1.5 inches wide, 4mm thick;
Leather Necklace = 20 inches long

Jewelry Sets

Pre-Colombino Collection
The Pre-Columbian era refers to the historical period of Colombia prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Many cultures inhabited Colombia before the Spanish colonization. Among them are the Muiscas, Zenu, Quimbaya and Tayrona.

Pre-Columbian cultures left behind art pieces, jewelry and work instruments that show a high level of craftsmanship. The recovered artifacts are now sacred treasures of Colombia.
These necklaces and earrings showcase the creativity of these ancient cultures.

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