Coffee sacks are an icon of the coffee culture. For us, they represent the hard work of Colombian coffee farmers and local artisans.

The textile industry is the second biggest polluter in the world after oil. It produces 20% of the world’s industrial wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions. Its impact outweighs the carbon footprint produced by all international flights and cargo ships combined.

As an alternative to traditional textiles, coffee sacks are made from durable jute. Increased global coffee consumption has seen Colombia’s annual coffee production rise to an impressive 14 million bags per year.  So what happens to the used coffee sacks?

Well, these beautiful and unique backpacks are made from recycled coffee sacks. Coffee sacks are made of natural fibers, which do not use fertilizers or pesticides, and they can be mixed with organic cotton and other recycled materials to improve their mechanical properties.

Our Bags Are Manufactured Recycled Coffee Sacks

Of course, they could be new!  But then they wouldn’t have so much magic.

Built-in compartment for 13-inch laptop
Adjustable and very comfortable straps.
Unique designs
Carefully handcrafted.
Made with recycled coffee sacks
Provides a lower impact alternative to traditional textiles
Supports local artisans

Product Description

Handmade bag of recycled coffee sacks. The exterior of this bag is made with natural fibers from a recycled coffee bag.

– Inner lining in cotton or linen
– Padded 13-inch computer pocket
– Security pocket on the back
– Front pockets with zippers
– Padded straps, adjustable for the shoulders.

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