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Week Zero!

Pure Joy Coffee stimulates mindfulness and a moment of stillness because we understand the importance of caring for our mental health. We see you, we hear you!

We want to share with you that many simple things are real medicines in life, like the sun, the water, and the air. They are fundamental needs for health, harmonious life, and happiness. If we miss any of these, we can experience minor or major imbalances in our body, mind, or soul. The good news is that we cannot overdose from them.

Week 0-1We would like to invite you to a 30-week-long journey we have created where we will show you the real doctors of life who are around you every day and everywhere.

Now you must wonder why these simple things can be considered doctors or healers…

Well, when we care about our body, mind, and soul and explore these free resources and use them for their benefits, we live in harmony with nature, our loved ones, and ourselves.

Thus, to share with you these amazing benefits, we have created this mindful journey to uplift your emotions and mental state. This experience is designed to make you feel grounded, more connected, and supported during challenging moments. You will be able to reflect later which natural healer made the biggest impact on you, or you can combine all these amazing doctors and use them together to get a more powerful result.

Starting next week, we will share every Wednesday, for 30 weeks, a “Doctor” with an explanation of its healing effect and how you can use it. It will be accompanied by a written task, an action, and a meditation with an affirmation exercise.

Get a pen and dedicate a notebook to this journey. Bring an open mind and an open heart. Every Wednesday, we will post a detailed description of your daily challenge, which should take around 30 minutes. Think about this as a moment for yourself that you totally deserve. A gift from you to you.

Week 0-2Start your day with this challenge, and you will see all the benefits you will get from it.

Want to share this journey with your friends and family? Awesome!! Invite them to follow us here so they can also benefit from the 30 Doctors of Life.

Thank you so much for participating and creating a better and healthier life for yourself!

Please feel free to comment, share, and tell us about your experiences with any of the Doctors.

Let’s make this challenge fun and inspiring for everyone!!

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