How the Kalita Wave works

Yet while similar to the Chemex or V60, the Kalita Wave has a markedly different extraction configuration. Rather than water dripping through a singular hole, it features a flat bottom with three extraction holes. This eliminates any channeling of water in the coffee bed, resulting in an extremely crisp cup. The dripper also has minimal contact with the filter, allowing for consistency in temperature and an even dispersion of water.

You will need


How to brew coffee with a Kalita Wave

  1. Place the Kalita Wave filter in the dripper (which should be sitting on top of a cup or carafe). Rinse by pouring hot water to remove paper flavor from the filter. Discard the rinse water from the cup or carafe and place the dripper back on top.
  2. Grind 21 g (about 4 tbsp) of coffee as fine as table salt. Add ground to filter, making sure the bed is completely flat.
  3. Start timer and saturate the dry grounds completely with hot water (195–205 °F) in the first 10 seconds and let it “bloom,” or de-gas and bubble up. Give the coffee a stir.
  4. At the 45 second mark, pour water (up to 200 g or 7 fl oz) in a spiral motion for 15 seconds.
  5. Your brew volume should reach 10 fl oz at 2 minutes 45 seconds or 3 minutes. Remove the brewer from the cup or carafe and set it in the sink for the rest of the water to drain through.
  6. Serve 7 enjoy!

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