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How the Cold Brew works

A simple method for brewing iced coffee. Cold drip coffee separates the cold water from the coffee grounds completely. The technique requires a cold drip apparatus or ‘drip tower’—usually made of three vessels—that allows iced water to slowly drip over freshly ground coffee. The ground coffee absorbs each drip of water, which then drops into a separate vessel at the bottom of the tower. 

You will need


How to make Cold Brew coffee with a Hario Mizudashi 

  1. Weigh and grind 70 g of coffee.
  2. Pour the coffee grounds into the filter and insert into carafe.
  3. Pour 1L of cold water into the carafe.
  4. Pop the lid on and place carafe into fridge and let it sit for 12-24 hours (ideally 18).
  5. Take the carafe from the fridge and remove the filter.
  6. Give the coffee a good stir, since it will be denser at the bottom.
  7. Serve neat or over ice and enjoy!