How the AeroPress works

AeroPress combines immersion (where water and coffee grounds steep, like French press) and filtration (like pour over, because it uses a paper filter).

The AeroPress is a simple device, with a chamber made from tough, heat-resistant plastic. A plunger fits into the top of this, forming an airtight seal. On the base of the cylinder, a filter cap screws securely into place, holding the filter and the coffee grounds in place.

You will need

Stirring utensil

  • Kettle
  • Hot water (195–205 °F)
  • Timer

How to brew with an Aeropress

  1. Heat 7 fl oz of water until it is almost boiling.  (Recommended temperature = (195–205 °F).
  2. Weigh 18 g (or 2.5 tbsp) of coffee and grind medium-fine, about the size of granulated table size.
  3. Place a filter in the AeroPress cap and rinse to get rid of paper flavor.
  4. Add coffee grounds to the AeroPress chamber. *Tip: Brew “inverted” with the plunger on the bottom.
  5. Start the timer and add half of the hot water, enough to wet all the grounds and fill the AeroPress about half way. Stir a few times to saturate all grounds. Add the remaining water, pouring evenly to the top.
  6. At 1 minute 45 seconds, stir a few more times, then secure the filter and cap to the AeroPress
  7. At 2 minutes, flip onto cup or carafe and press down slowly. Stop pressing when you hear a hissing sound. Total brew time should be around 2.5 minutes.
  8. Remove the AeroPress and enjoy!

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